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Should Flexible Working Opportunities Be Included in All Job Listings?

A question we asked on LinkedIn, and the feedback we received made us wonder if flexible working is fading away or if it will continue to expand across more industries and job roles in the future. Exploring the topic further, we decided to do some research to understand the potential impact across different job sectors. […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Healthcare Revolutionising Patient Care In the constantly changing realm of healthcare, one technological advancement stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation: Artificial Intelligence. The emergence of AI has revolutionised numerous industries, altering how we perform tasks, make decisions, predict outcomes, analyse data, communicate, and much more—all […]

Why should tech start-ups focus on sustainability?

Sustainability isn’t just important for preserving our planet it is also important for business. There are many economic benefits of incorporating sustainable practices into any start-up and by incorporating sustainable practices, tech start-ups can achieve huge benefits such as an improved reputation, reduced costs and will appeal to potential employees and investors. A key benefit […]