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Head of Machine Learning

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Head of Machine Learning

Job details

2023-11-28 17:47:05
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Job description

Job Description:
We are seeking an experienced Head of Machine Learning with a deep focus on optimizing inference for LLMs and similar AI models. This role is crucial in enhancing the performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the infrastructure we provide for our customers.

Key Responsibilities:
– Lead the optimization of inference processes for large-scale AI models, particularly LLMs, ensuring high throughput and low latency.
– Develop and implement strategies to improve model performance in production environments.
– Collaborate with engineering teams to integrate new models and updates seamlessly.
– Evaluate and prioritize research projects for implementation, focusing on those with the most significant potential to enhance inference capabilities.
– Provide technical leadership and mentorship to a team of machine learning engineers.
– Stay updated with the latest developments in AI and machine learning, especially advancements in model efficiency and inference optimization.

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